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Hen's Party or Hen's Night is the most awaited event for the bride and her women friends that precedes but surpasses the wedding in its excitement! One can make it extremely creative by adding as many scintillating and titillating trappings as one can. Girls go overboard in finding new ideas to make their hens parties different, unique and memorable.


A lot of creativity can go into the invitations to a hen's party - in the way they are designed, in the manner they are sent out, and in the suspense they create! The invitation can itself set the mood for the party if crafted and sent out right!


The theme is one of the main factors that makes a hen's night different. The theme can be fun, spicy, seductive, unusual, or all of these and more! The themes range from a simple colour code of the dress to an ostentatious fancy dress party with hundreds of options in between! The dresses should have a common idea that would create a sense of togetherness and camaraderie among the girls. The ideas can be contemporary, historical, romantic, sexy, adventurous, outlandish or downright crazy! The theme would be the reason why the hen party would be remembered forever by the guests.


The party games are a feature that would add life and spice to the party. They can help in breaking the ice and creating an atmosphere of fun and laughter. Besides, the right party games help in highlighting the right topics and giving attention to the right person, which of course is the prospective bride!


Plan the menu and the drinks and, most important of all, choose the right venue! The setting is the most important element that makes or breaks a party! Get the setting right and you have a rocking party! The party can be outdoors or indoors, in a park or a restaurant!


In Sydney, you have numerous waterfront restaurants around the Sydney Harbour! Or better still, you can have an exciting hen's night cruise onboard a spectacular showboat with exciting music, sensational dance performances, amazing magic shows, sparkling wine, and delicious a la carte dinner! If you wish to, you can have a whole deck with its own bar to yourselves! Get the girls together on an incredible hen's party cruise! Explore the breathtaking Sydney Harbour! Enjoy the lights, the dance, the music and the magic! Make sure the party is just as special and distinguished as the bride to be! Read more from our blog https://www.pokerdeluxe.com.au/bucks-party-blog/


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They say that a wedding is a once in a lifetime event and once you are in, there is no way of coming back. Or ever if there is, it surely is not an easy way out. This is why friends of the bride and the groom organize pre-wedding parties to commemorate the last "free" days of the couple. These parties are intended to make those last few days memorable to the imminent married couple.


Although this old practice are still the same for some bucks, these days, there are lots of options and activities to choose from to make the bucks night feel complete. Sometimes the event lasts not only for a night but may probably go on during the whole weekend. Aside from beer drinking and dancing along with a hired stripper, bucks can choose to engage in a more creative range of activities like sport, adventure, leisure or nostalgia. In Sport and adventure there are paintball, go-kart, skydive, white water rafting and surfing. Leisure activities may include balloon flights, fishing, camping or yachting. Whereas for a laid-back nostalgic and low key bucks night, arcade rental can bring back the good old boyhood days for the groom.

If the groom can have fun and be merry while he is still free, so can the bride too and this is made possible by her maid of honor and bridesmaids. Some naughty friends of the bride, upon hearing that the bucks are going to hire a stripper for their party would also give in to temptation and wildness and hire their own male stripper. Girls too can drink some wine while playing some games as do the bucks.


Bucks Parties Perth's Night, sometimes called bachelor's party is traditionally organized and hosted by the groom's best man with the help of the other groomsmen. Since this party is exclusively for the boys, it is expected that it would be rowdy and loud especially for active men coming together to have fun with the groom prior to his commitment. Or sometimes to make fun of the groom which can make the event more memorable for him. This party is held usually at least two to three weeks before the wedding. The old bucks night entails a fun night of drinking beer and hiring a stripper. To get more info about it go there https://www.pokerdeluxe.com.au/perth-bucks-party-packages/ 


Like the bucks, these hens are not limited to indoor house parties or hired stripping bar. There are tons of activities and ideas that hens can do to have the most unforgettable hens night for the bride. These girls can have a spa hens night where they can rent a beauty spa or better yet gather in the bride's place and bring all their DIY beauty treatment kits and spend the whole night pampering each other. Also they can dine all together in a restaurant and head off to a karaoke bar or play some bridal games. Shopping too is another option for this all-girls night out for the bride where they can shop and look for the lingerie the bride can use for their honeymoon.


While there are many activities for the buck's and hen's night, what's essential is to provide the bride and the groom some relaxing time amidst the stress of their wedding preparation.

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 Bucks Parties Adelaide traditions date back to the time even before the early roman civilization. Stag party is referred to as bucks' party in Australia, bachelor party in South Africa and America, stag party in the UK. The word stag is associated with manliness. The correlation is relatively ancient when stags where supposed to be highly virulent in their abilities to woo the female counter part. For more info here https://www.pokerdeluxe.com.au/adelaide-bucks-party-packages/


The tradition is observed even today, but has taken a more elaborate and extravagant form. Previously it used to be more of the 'night before the wedding' celebration, which was more apt in the sense for a stag night. These days, boys are very careful not to plan the party too close to the wedding. No bride would want her hubby to be in the state of half intoxication with a terrible headache and unable to pronounce the vows!


The traditions differ in various countries. In European countries like France, the French terminology for a stag party would translate to burial of the bachelorhood. Pretty dramatic, but it is also true.


The tradition seems to be more or less same throughout the globe. The day starts with a light get together and fun activities. The activities part sometimes is typical of the region. Mostly it would involve doing things a married can never do any time in his life. This would translate into adventure sports and dangerous but fun activities.


In Argentina, the groom to be is stripped of his clothes and driven naked in a car throughout the city for all the people to know that the guy is going to get hitched! Such pranks are common in other countries as well, where the groom to be is said to be tied to a pole naked.


It is said that in Switzerland, random squares are drawn on the grooms pants and he is taken to a bar, where the girls are asked to cut the patches using scissors!

Dressing up the guy in funny clothes that speaks out funny messages is another common custom. For extreme make over, the stag is dressed up as a female! When else can you see your best mate being dressed in 'man'kinis and G strings!


Stag night is usually blur for most. It involves extreme booze binge with bar crawls. This may or may not involve strippers.


The ultimate essence of stag do is to have a fun time at the groom's expense!

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It's party time and you want to jazz up the evening, add a little more splash and spice to your colorful fiesta theme party or your Las Vegas Night to make it a truly one-of-a-kind event -- Why not make it a lingerie party?


Lingerie parties typically come in two flavors. There's the tamer girls night out version where you hang out with a bunch of your girlfriends and either shop for lingerie or just have a riotous bachelorette evening and then there's the more naughty kind open to both men and women where everyone can come dressed down to their favorite underwear.


Whatever type of lingerie party you are throwing, keep in mind that it can be a totally decent event and that the tone of the evening is something that you can specify and set down, especially when you are sending out your invitations. A lingerie element can add a touch of daring and adventure to any kind of themed party that you are planning to throw and that's all the nuance there need be. It can be just like any other generic party except that you'll have a lot more fun with your attire and gifts not to mention the enjoyment you'll have playing hilarious games involving lingerie from throwing it around to sporting it on your head.


If you are going for a girls night out lingerie party, just remember that it's quite similar to a bachelorette party. You can ask your friends to come dressed in their most outrageous lingerie or bring the most hideous pieces they own and have a bunch of laughs over them. With face creams, manicures and a lot of heart-to-heart talk you can also turn this into an overnight affair-- Make it a refreshing 'pamper yourself' lingerie Brisbane & Gold Coast Bucks Parties. Details here https://www.pokerdeluxe.com.au/gold-coast-brisbane-bucks-party-packages/


Additionally a lingerie home party like this could also be a great way for you to make a few extra bucks. After all, how often is it that you get a chance to shop for lingerie with your girlfriends en masse? This could be a chance for all of you to have some good old fashioned fun giggling over scandalous lingerie, pajama sets, nightgowns, thongs and naughty baby dolls. All you'll need to do is to contact a lingerie party company and they'll take care of organizing the details. At the end of the day, in addition to everyone having had a smashingly good time, you'll receive either free merchandise or hostess credits depending upon the company's policy plans. Can't get any better, can it?


If you are going for a couples or an 'open to all' type of lingerie party where there are both men and women, make sure to set some ground rules first and send them out in your invitations. You can specify the type of attire for the evening; Make it a sexy but classy affair and in case you are worried about overly revealing costumes, specify that truants will be made to wear clothes! Add tons more thrill and fun by making it a costume lingerie party. For instance--Hunks and Sirens from Underwear hell (Devil theme party), Intergalactic lingerie hunters (space theme party), Mermen & Mermaid's Castoffs and Superhero's Bad Underwear Day. Be prepared to see some truly bizarre, laugh-out loud outfits!


What's great about lingerie parties is that they add a touch of the audacious and elevate an otherwise great party to a truly mind blowing, talked-for-years-after kind of one. The slightly scandalous and sexy undertone can be rejuvenating and can leave everyone feeling like a million dollars. So go ahead and be the talk of the town -- Throw a fabulous lingerie party!

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No one knows how to party like a sports player. The players that seem to do the most partying and get into the most trouble with drunken and questionable behaviour, I think, are possibly those in football or rugby teams. Local teams in Scotland definitely know how to have a big party. If you wanted someone to throw you an amazing bucks party, you would want it to be a footballer from anywhere in Edinburgh. These guys are experts in throwing notorious parties, and it is common knowledge you will have a wild stag party with anyone in Edinburgh.


If visiting Edinburgh for the first time, the standard places people will advise you to go are Edinburgh Castle, which happens to be Scotland's number one most visited attraction. Then there is the famous Royal Mile, a street in the city which happens to be a mile long street linking the Castle with Holyrood Palace, the Queen's residence in Edinburgh. We're not sure how many boys on stag trips visit these places, and if you're allowed to drink on them. However, you'll never know if you never try!


What is it about Edinburgh that makes it especially notorious and the most sought after as a stag party destination? It attracts people from all around Europe, but especially from London, since it is far away enough to be exotic, whilst not having any dramas that might be associated with other countries such as language barriers (even if it is a particularly strong Scottish accent), flights and other expensive tickets.


Due to these factors it has since become a hub for Bucks Parties Sydney. Visit to know more here https://www.pokerdeluxe.com.au/bucks-parties-sydney . Now there are many specialised stag weekend service providers set up in the city that offer professional partying services. The word spread quickly, and the more these parties occurred and ended up making headlines, the more this makes Edinburgh more popular and renowned as a destination for stag do's. It is a vicious cycle, and is the reason Edinburgh is now the new party capital of Europe.


It's a wonder they don't do it professionally, but sportsmen in Edinburgh town are known for their wild parties especially out of season, it is their time to let their hair down. One man we know once got so drunk he broke in to an Edinburgh house. In a professional manner he presented himself to police and even had independent blood and urine tests after being charged. The tests are understood to have taken place immediately after the 21-year-old man was released from the Edinburgh watch-house that day and was not investigated by police any further. This occurred at 4am on a Sunday after he attended the bucks party of his teammate on Saturday in Edinburgh. His friends said he was so drunk he kicked the door in of the house in a university student's house.


Stag weekends like this might result in you having to appear at the Edinburgh Magistrates Court in embarrassment, and paying for expensive legal representation. You do not want your or your best friend's stag weekend to end this way. Of course you are meant to have a party, it is a long tradition of men before their weddings. Women have their hens nights too, and usually get up to some mischief. Hens do's are not as well known to end in something like the above story.


My friend mentioned in the incident was recently involved in a training trip around Edinburgh. His rugby coach has identified the man as one of the exciting young players to emerge from the trip aside from all of his party incidents. He is not due to resume training with his team until next month. His manager said no decision had been made about whether the man would be stood down. The rugby league in Scotland would obviously like to get to the bottom of the matter before determining how to proceed. "We are still looking to receive full facts on the issue" is the usual official position they have been known to take.


So there you go, another stag party ending up in the headlines. The controversy seems to follow these men. Don't let this happen on your best mate's stag party weekend.

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A Buck's night is a pre-wedding party held in honor of the groom. This party celebrates the groom's last days and nights of freedom. Traditionally, buck's night or bachelor's party are not complete with the customary female strippers and lots of beer. In movies, we get to see how such naughty activities end up in disasters, why is probably why it have led to the concept of a 'clean' bachelor's party or Buck's night. The Buck's night is usually the organised by the best man, whose job is to make the groom enjoy his last few days of being free, here are some ideas for enjoying the buck's event without the need of just hiring strippers and drinking all night.


Guys are generally outdoor lovers. They enjoy going out to the field for some adventure and sport. This is a great idea on how to spend the buck's night or day. Nowadays there are many companies that offer packages specifically designed for a group of mates to enjoy a bucks event. Camping is a good example, where the bucks can have a trip out of town to a camping destination where they can bond with each other and with nature. While camping the men can do some hunting in the forest or in an open field where they are allowed to shoot some birds. A road trip is a good adventure too. Just driving up somewhere for a few days, staying at some hotels, eating out and trying out different foods.


If the bucks prefer a more action-packed activity for a clean Bucks Parties Melbourne, they can also engage themselves in sport activities like skydiving. Get know more from us https://www.pokerdeluxe.com.au/bucks-parties-melbourne, However, if the groom or any of his friends have a fear of heights, then jumping off at 120mph from a plane that is flying two miles above the ground may not be a good idea. Plus, the groom might think of something more safe to do to stay safe for the wedding. Other blood pumping and adrenaline rushing sports are white water rafting, paintball, skiing, hiking, bowling, golfing and boating. The men may choose sports venues located nearby or elsewhere if they want an out of town buck's night.


Watching a musical concert or a sports game together with male friends may also be a last bonding moments for a groom before he commits himself to marriage. Dining in a restaurant then reserving a karaoke place is sure fun way to enjoy the night. It may seem like the trip to the spa is just for the females, but the males can also have a great time in there too, provided that they simply go there for a massage and not for a fling with the therapists, then it would still be a great idea for a clean buck's night.


Boys will be boys even if they have gained so many years already. So why not ask every guests for the buck's night to bring along some old childhood pictures to laugh about while having a simple dinner. Or at home you can play traditional board games that men enjoy playing during their younger years, or better yet, rent an arcade gaming machine and prepare some snacks and treats to relive some childhood memories.

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A bucks party is a big night for any groom-to-be - it's a rite of passage and something of an iconic milestone event for a man who is about to be married. There is however, good reason as to why some of these parties are believed to get out of hand - let's face it; the bad rap has been thoroughly earned. And while the onus is on a party theme heavily laden with booze and bad behaviour, there are other ways to celebrate a man's transition into married-land - without losing a handful of brain cells in ways nobody will remember anyway.

The new black when it comes to celebrating a bucks party, is the experience or adventure party; something that will keep you and your friend the groom sober for longer, and create lasting extraordinary events that everybody will actually remember and want to talk about. And for that one guy - we all know that one guy - who won't - there are pictures for you to tuck into his shirt sleeve when someone pours him home to his grumpy wife in the early hours of the following morning.

Appetite for Adventure

Experience gift vouchers can be purchased for everything from wine tasting to shark cage diving, and when it comes to some of the ultimate adrenalin rush experiences - you are literally spoilt for choice. Has your mate always wanted the chance to drive a real V8 race car, burning rubber on a real race track? Or have they wanted to experience parasailing or skydiving? This is the chance you and your friends have to get together and plan the ultimate bucks party that your friend will never live down - or never forget.

Watery Wanna-dos

Bucks parties don't just have to be one raucous day or night for that matter; there are adventure tours like swimming with sharks - bet nobody has tried that one for a bucks party before? Take a group of tenacious and very brave friends out into the open sea and see the legendary Great White Sharks themselves, wild and glorious in their very own natural habitat. Go cave diving and experience the magic of the depths of the marine jungles, far below the sea.

Other marine adventures that can be booked online are swimming with dolphins or dolphin encounters, where you can be immersed into the wild open waters, and be surrounded by pods of dolphins, where they come to interact, play and swim all around you.

This is a one of a kind adventure and an experience that will be hard to top, ever - and the perfect idea for the beginning of an epic bucks celebration, with impressive memories to last a lifetime.

In addition for not getting your mate wildly drunk and plying him with a stripper, you will also cement yourself firmly in the happy favour in the eyes of your friend's wife to be - which could go a very long way in keeping boys' nights going long after the wedding is over.

Variety is the Spice of Life

There is everything from hot air balloon safaris, wine tasting and golf days - just about everything you could dream of that will make your friend's buck night one he will remember forever. If you don't fancy getting on a boat or into a race car or floating off on a balloon, or your budget just plain won't allow it, there are plenty of options that you can choose from that you and your friends will enjoy.

The cooking classes are an excellent choice - just make sure you get somebody to drive your festive crew to the next party while the revelry continues and make sure there is somebody to drop that one guy at home early - just don't let it be the groom. Double up your cooking class with a wine pairing and you are off to a good start in style. Normally these classes have a fantastic rep for being a bit disorderly - which is why they are so popular. But they are definitely going to hit the budget a lot less than a 4-day shark cave diving expedition will.

Ever thought of hitting the circus, going caving or indulging in a spot of bungee jumping before lunch? Then the experience voucher will get you and your friends there in a jiffy. There is a bona-fide trapeze class experience - 2 hours of swinging upside down like a circus performer will really work up an appetite. But if you are going to give this one as a gift, it would be a good idea if your friend was ever so slightly fit, otherwise it could feel like he has been assaulted afterwards.

Bungee jumping is also another one of those that you have got to be sure about. It's not the kind of memorable day you had in mind perhaps when your friend looks like rigor mortis has set in from sheer panic - also you are not going to score points with his fiance if you haven't cleared a big adventure like this with her first; all in the name of post wedding boys' nights of course.To get good ideas from us, please visit Bucks Party Ideas. Get touch in us https://www.pokerdeluxe.com.au/bucks-party-ideas/

There are fishing trip tours, multi-day kayak adventures, camping and caving, quad bike riding adventure trails, rally driving and off road motorcycle courses, paintballing experiences and even flying lessons to choose from. And if you and your mates are in charge of planning and organising a bucks party for a friend, you won't have to do much except rally around for a bit of money from the other guys to go towards it. Double up an experience day like abseiling or caving with a camping trip - there's nothing like a boys' weekend away with a few cold beers and a roaring BBQ at the end of a long day.

And if you really do like the idea of one of the experience gifts online and are worried about how much some of them cost, there is an entire section dedicated to experience gifts under a $100, so that means that you will definitely be able to find something to fit any budget for a spectacular bucks adventure celebration.

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